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character creation

character creation

  1. How do i create a character

    Go to

    try to have your character serious looking this is a  fighting role play after all.  All moderators will have to wear a black hood with a black suit

  2. what do i do with my character

    your character will be your profile picture

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  1. How do i know how much my attacks do

    slash/ 10 dmg

    stab/ 15 dmg

    hidden power/ 50 dmg ( can only be used once every battle

  2. leveling up

    you level up by defeating other players.

    lvl 1. needs 20 xp to level up

    if a lvl 1. is defeated player gets 10 xp

    lvl 2. needs 50 xp to level up

    if a lvl.2. is defeated you get 25 xp

  3. weapons

    weapons permited are

    any sword

    scythe (lvl 10 and up only)

    battle ax ( lvl. 5 and up)

    lighsaber ( blue any level) ( red lvl 50) ( green level 20 and up)

  4. do i have to use a weapon

    no, if you want to use hand to hand combat you may

    slash is changed to punch

    and stab is changed to kick

  5. Items?

    You will get items for being on the site for a certain amount of time.

    Note: Items may be stolen

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